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November 25, 2016
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Fulton VMP Vertical Multi-Port Boiler


• Vertical 2-pass design with heavy-walled Sch.80 flue pipes.
• Water-backed, insulated blanket surrounding the boiler results in lower radiant losses
• Small footprint – compact design
• Built/Certified to ASME codes.


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Durable and reliable construction.

Within the Fulton VMP (Vertical Multi-Port) boiler, a series of heavy-walled schedule 80 flue pipes are welded to the top and bottom heads in the pressure vessel. These pipes are surrounded by water and within these pipes are “ribboned” turbulators that maximize overall heat transfer.

The water-backed design speeds up boiler start up time and creates even heating throughout. These, along with the many other design features of the VMP, result in fuel to steam efficiencies of up to 84%.


The combustion process.

  1. Air is drawn into the top-mounted power burner, where it is sent through the swirl plate and mixed with fuel for optimal combustion.
  2. The ignition assembly ignites the air/fuel mixture and sends a spinning cyclonic flame down the  length of the furnace chamber, forming the first pass.
  3. The flue gases are turned at the base of the furnace then return through the Schedule 80 pipes, forming the second pass.  The turbulators within the pipes distribute the flow of the flue gases to transmit the remaining heat to maximize heat transfer.
  4. The flue gases are then collected at the upper portion of the boiler and are expelled through the flue outlet



Size range: 40 – 150 BHP.

Steam output range: 626 – 2348 kg/hr.

Burner type: Gas or oil.

Design pressure range: 150 psi.

Efficiency: Up to 84%.

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